Product Engineer with 9 years of experience. I started a career in software engineering at 16. I worked at a Swiss college for 4 years, building products from ideation to launch.

Later on, I co-founded a US startup that went on to raise $1M. I architected and built a scalable video platform API with paid subscriptions and hired our first employee.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been building and shipping products at startups.

I believe startups are the best place to be for building a product that customers love so much that they are the ones promoting it the most.

I enjoy being surrounded by people who are always questioning and curious. Who appreciate products that have been done with a deep concern for quality and attention to detail. Not only at the superficial level, but also behind the scenes.


Main Interests

  • - #technology
  • - #startups
  • - #liberty
  • - #psychology
  • - #ethics
  • - #culture