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Posting Again

During this pandemic, I found myself working for countless hours. It has been the most productive month I’ve experienced in my life. For the first time, I was able to focus on work and throw any sort of procrastination in the trash.

Yet, that isn’t enough for me. I like to believe that I’m now in stage two of self-productivity performance. Now that I’ve beaten the first enemy, I must face optimization.

One thing that I noticed this past month is that the more you learn, the more you discover how much there’s still to learn. At first, I felt excited but helpless at the stack of things I wish to understand and master. Then, I started to think about how I could optimize my time to get through it.

First, I wrote down my high-level goals. The next step was to define daily activities that I could do to form habits that would get me closer to my goals.

One of those daily activities is daily blogging. I won’t mention all the great benefits of daily blogging here. Seth Godin would be better placed. The point is that I hope through this practice get closer to my goals which include learning. Through this blog, I will lay down my ideas and think through them.

One post at a time, I will get through that stack

The Stack