How to Stay Awake During Long Road Trips

Tips for staying up while driving

Posted by Igor Gassmann on 26th Sep 2017

Today I drove about 1000 miles in 14 hours. Naturally, I felt sleepy sometimes. I’m conscious of the danger of driving when you’re almost falling asleep, so I developed some practices to avoid these types of situations.

The most famous way to avoid getting sleepy when driving is to drink an energy drink or a lot of coffee. It’s a useful technique, but it’s also unhealthy.

My two preferred methods are to either listen to a podcast that demands some concentration and deep thoughts or play a music that I know the lyrics so I can sing along. The first method is the one that I use the most. On top of making me stay awake, I'm learning a lot of stuff and thinking about things that interest me. Because you're focused on the content of the podcast, you’ll stay awake.

If the previous techniques don’t work with you, don’t keep driving. Stop somewhere, turn off your car and hold the car’s keys in your hand. You’ll start to fell asleep with the keys in your hand. When the keys drop off your hand because you passed out, you’ll be good to go again without worrying to fall asleep while driving.