Someone Broke into my Car

The day a burglar broke into my car.

Posted by Igor Gassmann on 19th Sep 2017

I wake up today with a plan for the day:

  1. Go to a coffee shop
  2. Write a blog post
  3. Submit an article to a site
  4. Keep up with a social development challenge
  5. Finish reading a book
  6. Repair by myself the back window of my car
  7. Attend a conference about a health disease
  8. Practice my social skills in a party

It turns out that’s not how it went. When I got out to get my car, I was surprised to notice that someone broke into it. The convertible top was cut in three different places, and the burglar stole stuff inside the car.

I had to call 911 and get to the police station to file a report. It took me about three hours or more. I was hoping that my insurance policy would cover the damage. Unfortunately, I opted for the cheapest policy that only covers damage to others. So now I have to pay all the costs out of my pocket. That means replacing the top.

Even if it was an unfortunate incident, I kept my head up all time, and I didn’t let that ruin my day. I wasn’t having a bad day. I just wanted to go to a coffee shop as soon as possible and fulfill my objectives for the day.

When you’re having bad luck, there’s nothing more effective than focusing on your work tasks. Don’t let your mind wander with bad emotions. Fill it up with work.