How I Became a Libertarian

How I was convinced to libertarian ideas.

Posted by Igor Gassmann on 7th Sep 2017

I still remember when I was first introduced to the libertarian ideas. At that time I was 15, and I wasn’t profoundly familiar with any political ideas. I had some beliefs about the role of the state that was taught to me during my Brazilian scholarship. Mostly socialist beliefs, but I didn’t know how to justify these beliefs. I just thought they were true because my teachers said so.

I was watching some content on YouTube when I stumbled upon a video made by a Brazilian guy. In his video, he was arguing why he supports capitalism and what are the capitalism benefits to the society. I agreed with pretty much all the arguments. They made sense. But I still wasn’t convinced. I needed to know more about these ideas.

I have always been interested in learning how the world works. Why people behave so differently between different countries? What are the reasons for someone to make a choice and not the other? What do people want? Since I was a kid, I would try to answer these questions by myself. I would create some vague models in my mind to explain people behaviors. But with more input I would get, these models would turn out to be wrong.

With my introduction to libertarian ideas and the Austrian economics school of thought, I started actually to understand human interactions. The arguments were sound and logical. I was impressed by how those ideas would explain so much about how people behave.

Still, since I always have been a skeptical person, I wasn’t entirely convinced. So I started to also look for the arguments of other schools of thought. What Keynesianism had to say? What were the arguments made by Marx? And then I would search for answers made by libertarian thinkers to those arguments. After many spending a long time researching, I started progressively to be convinced. It was an article wrote by Jeffrey Tucker that finally convinced me.

Since that time, I’ve been promoting these ideas with the dream to one day achieve a society where people would be able to prosper without government created unnecessary barriers.