My experience with Students For Liberty

How was my experience as a member of SFL.

Posted by Igor Gassmann on 20th Sep 2017

As told in a previous post, I identify myself as a libertarian. Since I became one, I always invested some personal effort to bring me closer to a libertarian society. There are many ways to achieve this objective. Some more effective than others. About two years ago, the way that I found was by ingressing in a student organization that’s working on convincing young generations about libertarian ideas.

At that time, I was living in Switzerland. A country that is considered one of the freest economies in the world. Partially because of this fact, Switzerland is also one of the wealthiest places. That sounds perfect! As a free country, there should be already many libertarians around. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Libertarian values aren’t anchored in Swiss culture, and most of the population don’t want to see their political system change. They see the world around them, and they think that their political system is already good enough compared to others. Why change it? That’s one of the reasons why Switzerland is considered a hard ground to achieve social change. Countries that are suffering economic and political issues like Brazil are way easier for communicating ideas and achieving social change.

Even then, that didn’t stop me. I joined the Swiss Students For Liberty organization with the intention to convince young people around me. We were only two active members, but still, we were able to organize a few conferences in our small city, Fribourg. We set up some about monetary policy, Bitcoin and drug legalization.

One great aspect about SFL was the access to an engaging community of libertarian leaders across the world. We would meet in different European cities during conferences and exchange ideas and experiences. Those meetings are essential to get people motivated and engaged.

At some moment, I knew if we wanted to have a greater impact we had to recruit new members. That’s when I decided to search for new members actively. I started to talk with students to recruit them deliberately. That was something I was initially not comfortable doing it. But I still wanted to do it to achieve our goals. After attending a few liberty-related conferences, I recruited a few new members. Now they’re the new active members of our group, and I hope that will lead the organization to a greater impact.